Plus6Four Entertainment

About the Team

Plus6Four is run by David de Lautour, Hannah Marshall & Gareth Williams.


Plus6Four Entertainment is a growing screen production and development company.

The company is run by Gareth Williams, Hannah Marshall and David de Lautour. Gareth Williams is the lead producer, with Hannah Marshall also producing and taking the mantle of head writer. David is the company’s resident director.

Plus6Four’s mission is to develop and produce fresh new works for NZ screens. The aim is to create a professional, inspirational and enjoyable creative environment with new and experienced practitioners, with a focus on diversity and equal representation.

The company aims to consistently create work with a fresh voice, that challenges constructs and brings uniquely New Zealand stories to an international audience. Plus6Four’s overall goal is to create world-class content by utilising and fostering the abundance of creative talent that exists in New Zealand.